Father’s Day 2009

Dad, Danielle, and me
Dad, Danielle, and me

Father’s Day came and went for me this year. It has been many years since my family and I celebrated with my dad. The last time we celebrated Father’s Day together was back in 2001. Every year after that was dedicated to my mom. Back then even if I had wanted to contact my dad on Father’s Day, I had no idea how to find him. But this year…this year I don’t have the option.

Maybe I let the time slip by me. I stay so busy, I had no idea that Father’s Day was this weekend. Subconsciously, I may have blocked out the date. Who knows?

May 14th, his birthday, was more difficult. Maybe because another important date quickly followed it (But I’ll address that some other time). After that particular onslaught of chaotic emotions, I decided I’d stay so busy, I wouldn’t know whether I was coming or going.

I know today was hard for my aunt. She lost her dad relatively young, too. My granddad was a few months shy of his 58th birthday when he passed.

I think my sister and I take after my mom. We block things. Although, out of the two of us, I feel as if I’m more prone to being overly emotional. But it may just depend on the situation.

I guess the hardest part is dealing with the feeling of not telling the person how you feel. Of course I really didn’t have the opportunity, but I still feel the sting. I’ve never been the type to go very long without apologizing. I thank God that I appreciate the moments I have with the people around me. No matter what their relationship with me may be.

Some people take their time here on earth for granted. Death is so incredibly absolute. In reality, our existence in the physical is but a whisper of time.

Hold your loved ones dear. Tell them you love them. Doesn’t matter if you think it’s implied or not. Let them know! Tell them. Show them. Be there for them as often as you possibly can. When a storm comes, ride them out together. And keep each other in your prayers.

I miss my dad and always will. But I love him enough to rejoice for him. He has his eternal reward now.

Yeah, my birthday was last week, but…

Ok…so my birthday was a week ago. June 11th came and went pretty uneventfully…I really didn’t do anything too special. I had a ‘birthday weekend’ planned, but some things ended up getting canceled (Totally not my fault! But it’s gonna be rescheduled…I hope).

I got six more students the week of my birthday, making it seven students total. While I am abundantly happy, it doesn’t leave much room for anything else. I decided I will try to hire 2 or 3 more tutors. I’m going through the application process with one prospect. All’s well so far.

I started volunteering with KidZone last Wednesday. They had vacation Bible school at Bethany North June 9th-11th. (I signed up for VBS at Bethany South, too. It’s not until July 7th-9th). I would have been there for all three days, but I have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So I spent my birthday working and in class…yay… 🙁

I figured it was a small price to pay if I could go sky diving with a group of friends over the weekend in Lumberton, MS. No dice…it was canceled the day before because suddenly everyone had other commitments. My mom had to talk me out of renting a car and driving myself!  I was displeasedextraordinarily displeased… >:-(

But I sucked it up and went to tutor my students instead. *sigh* Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy tutoring, but I really wanted to sky dive. On the upside, Cisca and I went indoor rock climbing Sunday afternoon in Lafayette. That was a pick me up. The downside…we’re not too good… 🙁 Or should I say we’re not very good at belaying. I assume I’ll get better over time. *needs to gain weight*

We ate at a local sushi bar afterward. We planned to kill time, so I could meet up with a friend. It started getting late though and we left. (If you’re reading this Justin…I say again… you suck! :P). We got back around 10:30pm or 11pm…something like that. And I called it a night around 12am. *shrugs*

And thus my birthday week ended…just as uneventfully as it began…*sigh* I’m having a ‘Do it big trip’ for my 25th! You’ll see! Muahahahaha!!!!!!!

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