FemBlerd Studio


FemBlerd Studio is a micro-studio geared toward amplifying voices in the BIPOC community and is committed to inclusive design. The studio specializes in the development, creation, and curation of digital media products, animation, art, journalism, writing, and more.

FemBlerd Animation

FemBlerd Animation is a small-scale animation studio that produces web series/short animations and other types of media.

FemBlerd Magazine

FemBlerd Magazine is dedicated to showcasing the lives, art, expertise/professions, and passions of women of color. We are small but mighty.

FemBlerd Podcast

FemBlerd Podcast is designed for creative professionals and educators who need a supportive community. The podcast also discusses books, film/television, comics, anime, video games, and other fandoms.

FemBlerd Press

More details on FemBlerd Press coming soon. Stay tuned!

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