Finding Peace During the Healing Process: 21-Day Devotional (eBook)


Update: 21-Day Devotional: Finding Peace During the Healing Process now available as an eBook on Amazon.

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(eBook version on Amazon Kindle)

This devotional is for anyone who is crying out to the Lord after suffering terrible loss. Its purpose is to encourage them to wait on God’s promises and endure the times to come. It reiterates believing in God to use the times of great pain as a way to perfect their faith. Designed for people with tight schedules, the devotional meets their needs as something succinct yet impactful. Perfect for starting a day strong with insight and clarity, it’s “small but mighty.”

My writing ministry grew from a desire to strengthen and empower others. I began my first blog, “Cross View,” in 2009 to reach my readership. I was experiencing an especially difficult year in 2018. I was in a place of needing to find peace as I healed. I wanted to help others who may have been taking a similar journey. I composed several blogs that I eventually combined into a devotional.

In July 2020, I released the collection of writings as my first book, Finding Peace During the Healing Process: A 21-Day Devotional. It is my deepest prayer for this devotional to help others to be healed, encouraged, and restored.


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