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I started a few blog entries last month and saved them as drafts. I had an idea of what to write but… that was it… O_o I must admit that during that time I didn’t have much inspiration. I was distracted by various things. Meeting new people, finishing the summer semester, tying up loose ends… and those are excuses to an extent. So I’m gonna get down to business.

It is my belief that when we are given the opportunity to do something great we should thank God by helping someone else accomplish their goal. Loving our neighbor, Giving back to society, Serving our community… it can manifest itself in many ways. The fact of the matter is that when God blesses you, you pass on the blessing. Show God your gratitude by letting His love shine through you.

Too often people are blessed and forget the struggles they went through before obtaining their blessing. Let’s always remember the test. The ‘battle scars’ should be reminders of what God has brought us through. Gain strength from it but don’t let it harden your heart. Keep the balance!

I want to remember the simple things that bring me joy. I love comfort. And honestly, it’s all I ask for… I’m not one for too much extravagence. Yes, I do have guilty pleasures, so to speak (i.e. high-tech gadgets). But I’m frequently content with a mid-day nap on my day off. And I don’t want to lose that aspect of my personality even in the light of success.

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