The Pursuer

Hello all! 🙂

Hopefully, this update wasn’t too long overdue. I have a new prose to share. It’s mostly encouragement for the ladies (sorry fellas). But I may do so in the future. ^^

I performed this prose at a local outreach called The Garment on Friday, July 22nd.

My sisters, my sisters… don’t you know how much Jesus loves you?

He made you special in every way. He took great time and care forming you. Before you were even born, He called you by name.

He pursued you at every turn, waiting for you to see just how much He loves you. How He moves on your behalf at a moment’s notice, how He protected you in your darkest hours.

My sisters, my sisters… don’t you know how much Jesus loves you?

He did what no man could ever do for you. He laid down His very life for you. And His sacrifice gave you eternal life… a hope… and a future.

Place your faith in Him, the creator & lover of your soul. He hears every cry, He sees every tear, He feels every heartbreak.

He was there when you lost your innocence. He was there when you were abandoned. He was there when you thought your whole world was being torn asunder.

But He is a father to the fatherless. He has not missed one, single moment of your life since He spoke you into existence.

Your rejection, He accepts you.

Your affliction, He takes it on Himself.

Your weariness, He refreshes you.

Your grief, He sends His Holy Spirit to comfort you.

He will take your burdens. You were never meant to carry them.

You are the bride, and He is the bridegroom. Let Him take care of you.

2 thoughts on “The Pursuer

  1. Tears of joy,pain and of feeling loved flood my face.
    Thanks to you and my Lord and Saviour for these comforting words. Bless you!

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