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Danielle Lee is a licensed professional counselor supervisor and the owner of Solutions Focused Consulting. She has worked in MHRs since receiving her Master’s in 2013 from Southeastern Louisiana University. She received her LPC in August 2015 and become a LPC-S in August 2018. Ms. Lee is currently working on her Ph D in Counselor Education and Supervision with a concentration in Consultation at Walden University.  

In previous positions, she has served as a Wraparound Facilitator and Mental Health Professional (MHP), providing individual and family counseling service to clients in their homes, in schools, and surrounding communities. As a Clinical Manager, she provided clinical supervision and training to non-licensed staff. As a Utilization Manager, she reviewed outpatient behavioral health requests from providers credentialed with Managed Care Organizations. Ms. Lee has experience opening satellite offices of already established MHRs.  

In addition, she has developed training manuals and facilitated several mandated trainings. She has been through several credentialing processes such as CARF and Louisiana MCOs, along with surveys conducted by MCOs to ensure the agencies were up to standards.

Solutions Focused Consulting is a multifaceted agency, which offers a variety of mental health services. It offers Telehealth sessions for clients in the states of Louisiana and Texas. More importantly, Solutions Focused Consulting aims to ensure its clients mental health needs are being met. 

Solutions Focused Consulting currently offers services for agencies that are in need of additional Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP) support as well.

The following is provided:

  • Behavioral Health Assessments
  • Outpatient Treatment Request/Authorizations for CPST and/or PSR
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Reviewing and Approving Client Notes
  • Treatment Plans
  • Discharge Paperwork
Support Group Session

Cassidy: Welcome, Danielle! I’m glad to have you as my first guest feature interview. (For readers who may not be familiar, Danielle is my younger sister).

I’ll pretend I don’t know the answer to most of these questions. *smile* Please give our readers an introduction of yourself and a brief explanation of your business, Solution Focused Consulting.

Danielle: Hello, My name is Danielle Lee. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Louisiana and Texas. I own Solution Focused Consulting. It is a virtual private practice that provides mental health counseling in Louisiana and Texas.

Cassidy: Having a virtual practice is definitely wise at this time. Would you tell our readers more about your services, please?

Danielle: As a virtual practice, clients can receive counseling from the comfort of their homes. Unlike a traditional office, where you have to make time to drive to the office and wait for your counselor, virtual sessions can be as easy as stopping your task, picking up your phone or laptop and starting your session. I offer individual sessions to a variety of individuals. I offer a non-judgmental, empathic, unconditionally positive atmosphere for all clients. I want them to feel empowered to tackle all of life’s challenges. I specialize in anxiety, coping skills, depression, people of color, women’s issues, and work/life balance.

Cassidy: Your consulting firm sounds quite diverse. Who or what inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship?

Danielle: My parents were definitely big factors in why I pursued my own business. They had two rental homes we had the opportunity of renovating. While I was sad it took up my play/free time, I understood it was the legacy they wanted to pass down. They set the example for me moving forward. But more recently, I recognized I was helping others to grow their businesses and had nothing to show for it. I dedicated blood, sweat, and tears into others’ dreams. After deep reflection, I realized I had the skills and knowledge to pour into myself. I wanted something to show for all my hard work and dedication.

Cassidy: I completely agree. Building other peoples’ businesses was arduous, so I’m sure you’re happy to run your own. Throughout the process of constructing your business, what would you say are the best and worse parts of being an entrepreneur?

Danielle: One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is the flexibility. I am able to work when I want to without having a boss dictating my day. I came from some very toxic work environments and suffered from burnout. I struggled with my work/life balance during the times of having a 9-to-5 job. I know that it is not for me. Now, I have the best coworkers, my fur babies Lily and Keke at my side.

On the other hand, the worst part is not knowing how your income is going to look from week to week. Counseling is a fee for service. I only get paid when I have clients. If I have a series of no-shows, I generate no income. It can be scary at times but having my savings and decreasing my spending has been helpful.

Cassidy: Without a doubt, week-to-week can be a real nail bitter. Now I know there are many *smile*, but please list some of your greatest achievements or perhaps ones you are most proud of.

Danielle: One of my greatest achievements is starting my business. I technically have been open since 2016 passively. Then I realized I needed to step out on faith and go into business full-time.

Another great achievement of mine is getting accepted into my PhD program at Walden University. I am working on getting my PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision. I still have a few more terms to go, but I am close to the finish line.

Lastly, purchasing my own home. I purchased my home in June 2015. It was something I was so proud of myself for working up the courage to do. It was a hard process, but I made it to the other side.

Cassidy: You seem to have been very dedicated to your vision. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs struggling to balance their life and business?

Danielle: One thing I will tell other business owners is to make sure you are scheduling self-care into your schedule. I know it is easier said than done, but it is essential for maintaining the work/life balance. I teach my clients daily how their quality of life is directly impacted because of not taking care of themselves. Also, most people forget counseling is self-care, too. So if you are struggling with anxiety and depression, seeking a therapist can greatly improve your self-care.

Cassidy: Along the way, what marketing techniques have you used to sell your services? Which ones have been most successful?

Danielle: I’m still learning about the marketing side of things. I have been trying to increase my presence on social media by posting more content and joining Facebook groups that are about entrepreneurship. One site that has been helpful in marketing has been Psychology Today. I get more hits on that profile than any other site. There is an array of mental health professionals people can choose from when looking for help.

Cassidy: While you build your clientele, are you working on any new projects?

Danielle: Currently, I’m working on developing a course to assist other licensed mental health professionals in opening their own private practice. Also, I’m working on a journal prompt workbook. It will focus on self-discovery and self-care. If you haven’t noticed I’m a huge advocate of self-care. *laughs* I would love to make a set of self-care prompts as well. Still playing around with the idea.

Cassidy: With that in mind, where do you see your business in 3 years?

Danielle: I want to still be in business and thriving. I would love to see my business expanding as a group private practice and having other licensed mental health professionals join my team. I would like to offer CEU’s and other trainings to professionals, so they can continue to grow their skills.

Cassidy: I’m sure many will profit from the wealth of information and support you provide. I just want to thank you for taking the time out to speak to us. Please share your social media and business contact information with our readers, so they can get in touch or share your resources.

Danielle: Thank you so much for your time. People can follow me on Facebook ( Instagram ( Also, check out my website at: You can complete the referral form or request for a free 5-minute consultation to see if Solution Focused Consulting would be a good fit. 

Visit Solution Focused Consulting‘s Website.

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