Cross View: Scenario 1 – Story Drabble

Author’s Note:

So, I’m trying something new… I will release story drabbles of the books I am working on. (Full chapters will be available on my Patreon account ahead of each book’s release, but more on that later). These story drabbles are bite-sized chunks of my stories; the goal is to capture something interesting between characters, develop imagery, explore dialogue, etc.

Image by: @jayel96 (Jamal Lawson)

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Ariel dreaded family reunions. They were full of empty promises and fake smiles.

But at least the food was good…

Still, she couldn’t stand the loud music or the people. Her older sister, Metoyer, was a pastor’s wife and had an affinity for being a hostess; so Ariel let her handle the bulk of the entertaining. There was only so long she could stomach her high-minded relatives. They’d swoop in at the last minute with little to no warning. Then they’d monopolize what ever space they were offered well past their welcome.

Slamming doors and leaving trash strewn about instead of inside their intended target, the majority of her family members were human tornadoes. They brought chaos and left destruction in their wake. Ariel only played nice out of respect for her mother.

The family reunion had forced her patience to its limit faster than usual. In the next half hour, she’d make her exit before her filter loosened, and her thoughts became verbalized. No need to call anyone a self-centered peon when simply leaving the premises would do.

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