Tips for Interviewers

Share this post | Normally, career websites offer nifty tips to job candidates on how to dress to impress and ‘wow’ the interviewer. We often hear about interviewing horrors such as interviewees showing up ‘under-dressed’ for the appointment. While taking human resource courses in undergrad, I had the opportunity to hear some HR professionals recountContinue reading “Tips for Interviewers”

My first movie review – Transformers 2 (a fan’s perspective)

Share this post | Tonight I went to see Transformers 2. Unfortunately, I was not thrilled with the finished product. This will be a painful experience for those who enjoyed the movie. I apologize in advance, but I’m going to be brutally honest… : ( (NOTE! THIS CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!) LetContinue reading “My first movie review – Transformers 2 (a fan’s perspective)”

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