Random Musings (“My Heavenly Father”)

Yet another random musing written during one of my daily devotionals. This entry, in particular, holds great significance for me. I wrote this the night before my father passed away. I wrote it because I had completely accepted the fact that I longer needed a father figure to affirm me. I had made peace with something that had plagued me for such a long time.

I was extremely thankful for the revelation and the weight that was lifted from my heart. The events that followed were undoubtedly abrupt but if I had not come to terms with my inner conflict over my father’s abandonment, things may have panned out differently. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have dealt with the situation. But my adjustment to such a huge life change may have been delayed otherwise.


“My Heavenly Father”

After a long day, I sit quietly and talk with my Father. I take great solace in the fact that at the end of the day He will be there waiting for me, ready to listen. He is the only father I have left. My earthly father abandoned me years ago.

God, my Heavenly Father, has shown me many things and I am infinitely grateful. He has given me guidance in times of confusion. And He has brought me insight when I thought my world would be torn asunder.

I am at peace in his presence… Such a calming affect the Lord has on me…

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