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Happy 4th of July, everyone! : )

I don’t have any posts planned for today (unless inspiration strikes later tonight). However, I have enabled the rating system for my blog posts. I would like constructive criticism and feedback on my work. I am truly dedicated to developing my skills as a writer. Therefore, I need the help of my readers. Now, I know most of you are very busy. So, I’m not going to ask for a long critique on one of my works (though if you feel led to do so, it will be greatly appreciated! ^^)

But for those who read my blog in passing or during a short break, I have put together a 5-star rating system that corresponds with the Word press rating system. It’s a bit broad but it will give me a general idea of what you all like and dislike.

Thank you all! Have a great holiday! Take care and God bless!!!

5-Star Rating System:

1 star – This was unreadable! Get an editor stat!

2 stars – This needs a face lift in the worst possible way…

3 stars – Not bad… with a little more effort you could make it a wonderful read.

4 stars – There are some minor errors here and there but otherwise it was very nice!

5 stars – It’s an exceptional work of art! More, please?

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