Projects! (status report #1)

Yes, I am alive. LOL! I actually started working on a short story recently. I got caught up. But now I’m back to blogging. : )

So… I’ve been working out how I’m going to get my first book published. None of my novel manuscripts are complete… unfortunately. However, I do have a good number of poems and other creative works that just need to undergo some fine tuning. At first I wanted to publish a poetry collection. But I simply do not have enough poems. I can blame my ‘writing drought’ during undergrad for that one.

I will probably self-publish since publishing companies don’t seem to accept submissions in this particular genre. *shrugs* Oh, well… I’m sure the Lord will provide a way for me to finance publishing it. 🙂

The novels are coming along. I have a few scenes that I’d like to eventually post for feedback. The web comic is behind schedule. We’re still working out the kinks. Sorry about the delay.

I know that was a short entry but I’d rather ‘show’ you all what I’m talking about. I’ll try to post a few scenes in the coming weeks.

One thought on “Projects! (status report #1)

  1. Hey Lady,
    keep doing what you are doing, keep uplifting others while uplifting yourself.
    Love Ya

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