Summer semester is coming to a close


Two more weeks left of summer school! Finally! Summer school started May 12th. I am so unbelievably happy it will be over soon. I tell you I had some of the most nerve-wracking experiences this semester.

Ok… so I’m taking 6 credit hours (2 classes). We have group work in each class. I have had some interesting experiences with group work, good and bad. But one of my groups was just…wow… I’m glad we turned in our final project today. Things went smoothly actually. I am truly grateful for that, ’cause it was bout to be on! Things got sorta heated between me and one of my group members. It got to the point that he resorted to name-calling. Yeah… you all can just imagine my reaction to that, lol. But it’s over so I’m good. I don’t have time for petty arguments.

At the moment, I’m working on my final papers. I have one for each class. The minimum requirement is 1,000 words for both papers. As an English major, I laugh at 1,000 words! Ha! : ) I shall be done by tomorrow evening and that’s only because I want to make sure I put my best effort into it. After that I won’t have any more assignments for the next two weeks. No final exams, just papers. *sigh* I am content. ^^

Another reason to rejoice is… I’ll be able to graduate in December like I originally planned! : ) Remember, when I said I’d have to take longer than I wanted to finish my Masters? Well, come to find out one of the classes I thought I needed to retake will count towards my credits. Sooo, instead of 12 hours in the fall, I only need to take 9 hours. When I thought I needed 12 hours I planned to break them up (6 in the fall and 6 in the spring). I’ve done 12 hours before. I actually did 12 hours my first semester in grad. school and got out with all A’s (and I thank God for it). I wanted to continue working on my writing career and trying to expand my business so I didn’t want to overload myself. I feel my dedication to my calling is why God blessed me with what I desired. I wanted to finish in the fall so I could stay on schedule. Contrary to popular belief, I do want to be finished with school one day. :-/

I’m looking into getting a condo soon as well. I have an appointment with a realtor next week. I’m praying all goes well and I can be in my new place by the time fall semester begins.

If I can get more work done on my manuscripts, I’d be in really good shape. But editing is a beast! : “(   I’ll be finished by August… I hope… -_-;;;

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