Encouragement to my fellow writers

I really didn’t feel like writing today. Hey, I’m being honest. But I remembered the fact that I want to stay committed to this venture. If I stop now I may not get started up again for quite some time. I’m still trying to balance everyday life with my writing. Such a task is no small feat.

On those days where I’m in serious danger of overdrawing my account trying to pay bills, I think, “Why didn’t I just go to law school?” It’d be so much easier and I wouldn’t be a literal ‘starving artist.’ Then I remind myself that anything worth having comes with a price. There will be sacrifices. I cherish my gift from God. I’ll continue to nourish it even at the expense of my poor bank account.

I said all that to say you should never give up on your writing… or any dream for that matter. Heed God’s call and pursue your purpose.

2 thoughts on “Encouragement to my fellow writers

  1. I appreciate you posting this one, Cassie. Sometimes it is a struggle to keep believing in your dreams when times get tough, but it helps to know that I’m not alone. I will keep writing, because it is what I love most, and giving up on my dream is very difficult to do when I know my talent is a God given gift. Thanks for the encouragement and I wish you all the best, Love.

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