2021: Supernatural Strength for What is to Come

Pressure brings forth condensed, refined objects. It’s an understatement to refer to 2020 as a pressurized force. Reflecting on it, I measured the rest of my life’s experiences: personal illness, layoffs, the death of my father, the end of an engagement, the loss of friendships, and the literal destruction of most of what I ownContinue reading “2021: Supernatural Strength for What is to Come”

Cassidy A. Lee Press, LLC: Blog Guest Feature Interview 03 – Bianca Chandler

Bianca Chandler – I am a motivational speaker, life coach, and an author. My business, bc. houses several subsidiaries. The biggest of which is, Ahead! The Ahead Retreat and Workshops strive to enhance the well-being of women by equipping them with tools that can be used in everyday life to thrive spiritually, physically, and mentally to focus on all that is Ahead.

7-Day Book Sale

Happy holidays! I’m having a 7-day 50% off sale on 21-day devotional, Finding Peace During the Healing Process.

It’s Finally Here! Finding Peace During the Healing Process is now available on Amazon.

It’s Finally Here! Finding Peace During the Healing Process is now available on Amazon.


Share this post | My God delivers me from persecution and bondage. The devil came to steal, kill, and destroy. But by the Power of God, I bind the enemy off of every aspect of my life. By the Holy Spirit who intercedes on my behalf, I will not allow him to get one singleContinue reading “Victory”

Happy 1-year anniversary, Calee! :-)

Share this post | Happy anniversary to me!!! LOL! Well, more like happy 1-year anniversary to my blog (It turned 1-year old on Sunday, April 11th). I’m just thankful to God that I was able to update on a regular basis. While I didn’t meet my quota of 52 posts (the equivalent of one postContinue reading “Happy 1-year anniversary, Calee! :-)”

Encouragement to my fellow writers

Share this post | I really didn’t feel like writing today. Hey, I’m being honest. But I remembered the fact that I want to stay committed to this venture. If I stop now I may not get started up again for quite some time. I’m still trying to balance everyday life with my writing. SuchContinue reading “Encouragement to my fellow writers”


Share this post | Now I’ve noticed that when things bother me, I remember Jesus’s words to me… “Eyes on me.” I equate it to a parent holding his baby’s hands while teaching her to walk. Whenever I look down He re-focuses me. Once I’m focused on Him again, my fears fall away and theContinue reading “Focus!”

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