Cross View: Scenario 2 – Story Drabble

Never frowning or raising her voice, Metoyer aimed for perfection.

To Ariel, her behavior was unnerving, like a Stepford wife’s.

Ariel shook her head, exhausted just from watching her older sister flit about entertaining guests. Maybe being a pastor’s wife was akin to being a Stepford wife. She’d mull over the thought another time.

The person she detested most had entered. Kyle earned her ire long before he married her older sister. When Kyle and Metoyer were dating, she knew it would be a match made in misery. Metoyer had been too naive to realize it.

Ariel closed her eyes and gathered the little civility she could, in case he decided to speak to her. Kyle’s very presence annoyed her. It was superficial and polished on whenever he found himself in a crowd. Her extended family was oblivious to how rude and dispassionate he could be. They hadn’t heard how he spoke to Metoyer when he thought no one could hear him.

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