Cassidy A. Lee Press, LLC: Blog Guest Feature Interview 03 – Bianca Chandler

Cassidy: Welcome, Bianca! Please give our readers an introduction of yourself and a little about your book, 70 Days, 70 Ways He Speaks To Me and your business, bc.

Bianca:  Well, I am just a girl obsessed with the magic of conversations. Whether it is reading one, watching one, or holding one, I love conversations and the intimacy they create. I am aware this is weird, haha! I have been a talker my entire life. I write about that in my book; it didn’t matter which seat I was seated in the classroom, I would get even the quietest student talking. While it led to countless PTA meetings, it was also passion shining through. I am amazed at how a bit of vulnerability can create space for a big bit of impact and change. 

I am a motivational speaker, life coach, and an author. My business, bc. houses several subsidiaries. The biggest of which is, Ahead! The Ahead Retreat and Workshops strive to enhance the well-being of women by equipping them with tools that can be used in everyday life to thrive spiritually, physically, and mentally to focus on all that is Ahead.

Cassidy: It seems like you’ve really connected with the women in your ministry. What inspired you to write your book, and why did you decide to pursue entrepreneurship?

Bianca: I wanted to create a space that was relatable, with concepts that were easy to grasp, and consequently make a relationship with God easier to navigate. At some point, the idea changed to capturing it in the form of a book. As I began to compile, I committed to thirty new entries. When combined there were exactly 70 entries! So I researched the number 70 and learned it was a number emphasizing spiritual awakening and enlightenment, inner-wisdom and understanding, discernment and thoughtfulness, endurance and persistence of purpose. I decided to title the book 70 Days, 70 Ways He Speaks to Me because each of the entries grew from an encounter with God, whether big or small. It is my hope readers will find Him in these pages in new ways while being inspired to keep shining their light brightly in order to illuminate the way for others to follow.

Find 70 Days, 70 Ways He Speaks to Me on Amazon.

Cassidy: I love how purposeful you were with compiling your book. As you combined the entries, did you notice a message began to form in your book?

Bianca: Yes!! Developing a relationship with God does not have to be hard. He is not concerned with perfection. He just wants you.

Cassidy: So true. It’s always refreshing and encouraging to read a book like yours where a relationship with God is not characterized as a complex dynamic.

On that note, would you mind sharing a highlight from the book? *smiles*

Bianca: Of course! “One last analogy for the road. Just as a fisherman goes for a day at the lake, you must go to the Lord. As you stand next to a sea of faith filled with blessings waiting to be claimed, you must stand flat foot and firm. You must have solid and rooted faith. You must know burdens can be bait if used correctly. The same thing you are holding on to, once you cast it into the sea of faith, God will grab hold of it and you, turning your situation into one that is a blessed one. Remember, you must throw it out to God to get even better blessings in return. Let go and let God.”

Cassidy: Amen. Holding on to our burdens keeps us from finding peace and exercising faith in God. It’s a powerful lesson to learn.

While you were compiling your book, I know you said you wrote the first set of entries separately; however, did you ever experience writer’s block while writing the second half? And if so, do you have any advice for other writers?

Bianca: Yes! This is so real! When it occurs though, the best advice is to step away and step into life. Everyday living gives inspiration to write. Create a system in capturing notes in a moment when you feel inspired to. 

Cassidy: That’s insightful advice, especially for writers who may push themselves to meet writing goals. They may need to pace themselves and rediscover the joy in it instead.

On top of being an author, you’re an entrepreneur. What would you say are some of the best and worst aspects of being an entrepreneur?

Bianca: Freedom to just be! I know it may sound so cliche, but there is so much truth in that statement. I love the ability to dream up something and then make it happen. Or the freedom to create events, or workshops that fit the needs of [people] I have been speaking with. Sometimes as women, we adapt to what life has given us and never heal from what we have experienced. I love creating spaces where instead of just being a listening ear, I can also provide a way to let people know that not only are they heard, but they are not alone. 

Bianca: On the contrasting side of this, the worst part is also that same freedom. No one is going to make you do anything, so there is a certain level of discipline, accountability, and responsibility needed to keep your business afloat. You will never be able to pass the blame to anyone else. 

Cassidy: You’re certainly right about the last part. The buck stops with you. From the outside looking in, some people may see the flexibility in entrepreneurship without realizing the amount of discipline it takes to maintain a business.

For entrepreneurs who may need guidance, what advice would you give them if they are struggling to balance their life and business?

Bianca: My best advice is awareness and responsiveness! Admit the struggle! Once you admit it is a struggle, you aim to find solutions. What software do I need, how much time do I need to learn more of this or that, what types of people should I be around to learn from, what type of person is my cliente type, where are they? All important questions to ask and access where you are. Then begin to ask, how does it fit in with blank, how can I be more efficient, what things are no longer serving me? 

Cassidy: Excellent points!

I’m sure they would also like to know what advice you may have for promoting their businesses. For instance, what marketing techniques have you used to sell your book and services, and which ones have been most successful?

Bianca: My most consistent form of outreach has been my website with planned or scheduled emails and social media. I am not ashamed to send emails weekly, nor am I ashamed to boost a post to random strangers on social media. Just go for it! 

Cassidy: Yes, consistent communication is a must.

You’ve accomplished a great deal. Where do you see your business in the next three years?

Bianca: In three years, I see my business reaching even more women than I can think to imagine. I hope to have established a retreat tour that will move from state to state bringing countless ladies hope and a refreshing outlook on life. I hope to be doing this full time with no regrets or hesitations.

Cassidy: I pray you are able to do it full time as well!

Thank you so much for sharing your passion for ministry and entrepreneurial knowledge. *grins* Please share your social media and business contact information with our readers. We would like to support you and share your resources.

Bianca: Thank you very much! I appreciate the support!

I’ve provided my website address, link to my book, 70 Days, 70 Ways He Speaks To Me, on Amazon, and my social media contact information. I look forward to hearing from you all!





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