50%-off sale for the entire month of February!

The 50% off sale continues! Enjoy my book, Finding Peace During the Healing Process: 21-Day Devotional, at a discounted price during the entire month of February. Visit my website, https://cassidyalee.com/product/finding-peace-during-the-healing-process-21-day-devotional-paperback/, and use the 50% off coupon code DEVO50 for the paperback version. #cassidyalee#blackauthor#healing#encouragement#restoration#devotional#21daydevotional#findingpeaceduringthehealingprocess#sale#cassidyaleepress

7-Day Book Sale

Happy holidays! I’m having a 7-day 50% off sale on 21-day devotional, Finding Peace During the Healing Process.

Random Musings (“An Observer”)

Share this post | This is a random musing of mine (one of many). I wrote this several months ago. I will post it here along with others. — 2/2/2009 “An Observer” I decided recently to start keeping a journal. I would be lying if I said I didn’t realize how much more alive IContinue reading “Random Musings (“An Observer”)”

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