2021: Supernatural Strength for What is to Come

Pressure brings forth condensed, refined objects. It’s an understatement to refer to 2020 as a pressurized force. Reflecting on it, I measured the rest of my life’s experiences: personal illness, layoffs, the death of my father, the end of an engagement, the loss of friendships, and the literal destruction of most of what I own in a natural disaster.

All I can say is… I lived through it.

I grew. I adapted. I pushed forward. God knew my heart, my desire to pursue purpose. In my eyes, He has honored my request by giving me the endurance and will to fight.

I stubbornly remain focused; I refuse to give up.

For anyone who is struggling to move past a hardship because it’s weighing you down, seek God. He loves us in all our states of being. When the people around us can’t accept or empathize with us, He fully embraces us. It won’t happen instantly, and things won’t immediately change. Healing is a process. But you can live through it.

I pray God gives you the will, the supernatural strength to live through it.

Blessings and breakthrough to you and your loved ones in the new year,


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