Cassidy A. Lee Press, LLC: Blog Guest Feature Interview 09 – Coach Tuesday Nolden

Cassidy: Welcome, Tuesday! Please give our readers an introduction of yourself and a little about your book.

Coach Tuesday: Hello, I am Coach Tuesday Nolden, author of Unleashed & Anointed: Standing Firm Unashamed.

Cassidy: I'm happy to have you here!

What inspired you to write your book and pursue entrepreneurship?

Coach Tuesday: I was inspired to write my book because I needed to release the chains of guilt, shame, and fear that held me bound from not telling my truth. All of the challenges and hardships I faced in life got me to the point I am today as a CEO of my own life coaching and candle business. I got into entrepreneurship because I have always found myself leading something or someone at many times in my personal and professional life, so the idea of running my own business was never a second thought. I just knew it is what I was called to do because it confirmed the leader everyone else saw in me when I just thought I was ambitious, driven, and determined.

I know becoming a CEO would allow me to influence others who had these same qualities to pursue their own journey to ownership. I said, ‘Yes,’ to the call of being a CEO of Keep It Lit Candles, a business which advocates for mental health to vocalize the topic to normalize the conversations to ultimately remove the stigma.

Cassidy: Im sure your words will be inspiring to other entrepreneurs looking to take the next step 

Is there a message in your book you want readers to grasp?

Coach Tuesday:  We all have been created for the purpose of worship. God called us to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We all have a past, present, and future. Our history is His story of how He brought us from then to now and with God, our story ends well.
Cassidy: Can you share one highlight from your book?

Coach Tuesday: You must be an advocate for your own life in all areas. Look for the most accurate, efficient, and effective information that will allow you to not only be informed but to also apply it to your life and get results.

Cassidy: Which character or part of the book was the most fun to write? Which part was the hardest?

Coach Tuesday: The first chapter was the most fun to write. It allowed me to be a kid again and bring back the fun memories of childhood. The hardest part of the book was the beginning of the second chapter. It took me to some real dark times in my life where pain was inevitable, and I truly wished I had not had to go back to but to embody my entire truth it was hard but necessary.

Cassidy: Exploring old memories, especially painful ones, surely can lead to roadblocks during the writing process. I'm glad you were able to overcome them.

What advice, if any, would you give other authors dealing with writer's block?

Coach Tuesday: I usually make thought bubbles on a sheet of paper and gather details to begin writing based on the key thoughts. I also use another person as a sounding board, which usually provokes questions or ideas. They help me to become more creative in my writing to unblock the places I have become stuck.

Cassidy: Looking back at entrepreneurship, what are the best and worst things you've experienced?

Coach Tuesday: The best part of being an entrepreneur is setting your own guidelines and playing by your own rules. You are in charge of your own schedule, and you get to choose how you spend your time. You also get to have a major impact and influence on the clients and people you serve and network with, which is very self-fulfilling and gratifying to see the positive impact you can make on another human’s life. .

The worst part of being an entrepreneur is you get lonely being the leader, and you must make some very hard, necessary decisions regarding your business growth. It may not be very clear. In these times, I trust and rely on God to give me wisdom through prayer.

Cassidy: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs struggling to balance their life and business?

Coach Tuesday: I would advise other entrepreneurs to develop a healthy business and personal life by creating schedules, routines, and practices that incorporate self-care, fun, and hard work to ensure they are feeding all three of these facets of their lives.

Self-care is so important because leaders pour out so much; we need the time and permission to take breaks to get refilled, so we are not pouring for empty cups that will lead to burn out. We must have fun while we work. We cannot be too hard on ourselves. We must have some grace and mercy in our daily activities. Don’t look to be perfect; look to be moving forward toward your goals.

Hard work does balance the days where you go hard for the business to eliminate last minute rushes or un-welcomed pressure to meet deadlines. Inevitably, it will lead to unnecessary mistakes or chaos, so on these days, work hard to play hard is the perfect phrase for this concept. It will minimize any stress. Having a well-balanced routine and operational process is crucial to running a successful business in excellence.

Cassidy: You're absolutely right. A well-balanced routine is crucial. Keeping the flow of traffic to your business must be taxing. 

On that note, what marketing techniques have you used to sell your books, service(s) and/or product(s) and which ones have been the most successful?

Coach Tuesday: I have used many marketing techniques, and they all have seemed to worked, some better than others. I have used’s self-publishing platform. I used my own personal website, where my audience can buy a personal autographed copy of my book as well as virtual vendor opportunities and social media: Facebook ads, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Cassidy: You've put a great deal of effort and time into your endeavors. 

Where do you see your business in 3 years?

Coach Tuesday: I see my business moving toward an online university where we will offer online self-directed courses on the hard topics in life that will help our audience navigate and develop strength in the areas they may not be achieving at their highest or greatest potential. These courses will allow them to identify, define, and overcome the hurdles and put into practice what they learned from the courses to get the true results in their personal or professional lives. We will also continue to advocate for mental health and awareness while speaking life to our audience at speaking engagements to empower and inspire them to execute their goals in excellence. We will continue to host free workshops to empower them to move past what broke them, so they can live in peace and not in pieces. Through our life coaching experience with inner healing coaching offered by Coach Tuesday, who is a Transformation Healing & Empowerment Coach. We have many great plans for the business and look forward to serving our clients with the most effective, accurate, and relevant information that will leave them better than we found them for sure.

Cassidy: Thank you for your advice and encouragement! Please share your social media and business contact information. We plan to support you as best we can!

Coach Tuesday: Thank you for the opportunity! I hope readers will feel free to contact me. I can be reached through the following mediums:

Coach Tuesday Nolden CEO / Life Coach of Keep It Lit Candles & Inner Healing Coaching Experience /

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