Cassidy A. Lee Press, LLC: Blog Guest Feature Interview 10 – Sharise Caldwell

Cassidy: Welcome, Sharise! Please give our readers an introduction of yourself and a little about your business, My Beautiful Book Boss The Movement, and your books.

Sharise: Hello, everyone! I am  Sharise Caldwell, the owner of My Beautiful Book Boss The Movement, Podcast, and Brand. We love to cater to Black stay-at-home moms, mompreneurs, homeschooling moms, or women who want to prioritize their families first. I am personally all the above and know the challenges of maintaining a home, without forgetting about myself, and honoring God. We have multiple resources available created just for you, just like the A Heart for The Home Series.

Cassidy: What inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship and write your book?

Sharise: Firstly, I didn't know I could write a book, which I actually discuss inside of the book. I have seen so many women, including myself, choose the options that often come from opinions and not necessarily the best choice for the overall individual life and long term goal. God spoke a few but powerful words to me in order for me to write, A Heart for the Home. He said, "write your book."

Secondly, I struggled to have my own business and really didn't even understand what it involved or actually meant. In my world as housewife/homeschool stay at home mom, we often have businesses with premade kits, packages, or products to sell. These companies are either product based to consumer or MLM structured. I personally didn't make money but I gained so much knowledge and an even deeper desire to have a steady stream of income. After becoming a independent consultant with a few companies and really trying to figure out what I was good at or if I had any talent at all, I accidentally stumbled across my gift. Art and Words!

Cassidy: Is there a message or words of wisdom you want to express to your readers?

Sharise: No matter where you are in life right now, you have a gift and talent with great potential that haven't even been recognized yet, even if you are successful. If you feel a deep desire to fulfil and that there is more, then there is more for YOU!

Cassidy: Would you mind sharing a highlight or brief excerpt from your book?

Sharise: Temporarily moving in with my parents to help care for my partially paralyzed mother, without a business, no clue how to make income, and still caring for my 4 young homeschooled children (11, 7, 5, 2).

Cassidy: Did you find any part of the book taxing or difficult to write? Were there high points to writing the book? 

Sharise: The entire book was fun to write because I was so surprised I was actually writing it! When the main character goes into a flashback of her life to revisit the actual event, I was able to become extremely creative and detailed.

Cassidy: How do you combat writer’s block? Do you have any advice for other writers?

Sharise: Combatting writer's block can consist of just speaking the story you want to write while recording your actual thoughts or full conversation. It was how I was able to start the first five chapters and then continue to build the rest of my story.

Advice Tips 1# - Trust the desire you have to actually write a book or to at least tell a story.
2# - Just do it with confidence even if you aren't sure or still have fear about the whole process.
3# - Reach out to someone who can assist you with writing your book.
4# - You are the writer, that doesn't mean you have to be the editor, too!

Cassidy: Are there different aspects about being an entrepreneur that you wrestle with? What would you say are the best and worst parts about the experience? 

Sharise: The best part of being an entrepreneur is having the freedom to create anything I want even when I can't find it already available for purchase.

The worst part is going through the motions, emotions, learning curves, and challenges that come unexpectedly.

Cassidy: You've shared a lot with us so far. How do you do it all?

Sharise: I honestly do not do it all. I try to do a little better everyday. 

There have been mostly downs, however, just try again the next day. If you stop you won't ever get there. If you keep going something has to happen, Right?

Cassidy: On that note, what advice would you give to entrepreneurs struggling to balance their life and business?

Sharise: Do not try to do it all. Do somethings now and slowly add on each task with the plan to hire out certain responsibilities to position yourself and business to grow.

Cassidy: What marketing techniques have you used to sell your books, service(s) and/or product(s) and which ones have been most successful?

Sharise: I utilize social media, IG, FB, and YT because it's what I'm familiar with and it allows my strengths to shine through. Also, podcasting, whether its your own or pitching yourself to other podcast!

Cassidy: Where do you see your business in 3 years?

Sharise: I have no idea only because I didn't see my business as a business. I am shocked with what I discover about myself on a daily basis. I will say in 3 years I will still have a successful publishing company, gift packages for the whole family, and teaching other women to pursue their purpose.

Cassidy: Thank you for your time and insight, Sharise! We'd like to show our support and check out your products and resource. Please share your social media and business contact information with us.

Sharise: Yes, thank you! The best way to contact me quickly, is DM or Messenger. If anyone would like collab or sign up for a scheduled consultation they may send an email at:


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